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Shepherd's Morning
  • We invite you to visit us and get to know the daily life of the shepherd of a flock of sheep and lambs that we breed and produce ourselves.

  • The visit usually lasts one morning (from eight-thirty to noon).

  • We introduce you to our herd, show you what animals we breed, what they eat and how they behave. You can handle the young ones and see the differences between them. We'll even show you how to milk the goats.

  • We will feed them, select them and take them out to graze in the fields.

  • You can see how the sheepdog works.

  • Obviously this is an outdoor activity, so we have to keep an eye on the weather. If it rains or snows the sheep cannot go out to graze so we feed them in the farmyard.

  • If you are an early riser, come in the summer and make an early start to avoid the heat.

  • If you want to start out later, why not come in the fall or spring when the morning dew means that we take the flock out to graze later.

  • You can also come in winter, but make sure you are well wrapped up. We are 700m above sea level and it tends to get cold. If there's a frost the herd cannot go out to graze until noon.

     Seasonal tasks:

  • In the second half of June, the sheep are all sheared in one day!

  • In the spring we gather fodder from the fields where we grow the forrage. In this season of the year we also choose the females and males for mating.

  • In summer after the harvest we make use of the stubble in the fields. The flock has a rest at midday and then goes out to pasture again until late afternoon. If you want, you can also come to spend the afternoon with the shepherd.

  • In the fall we have many young lambs and care must be taken to look after them properly.

  • In the winter the flock goes out to graze at noon and does not return until nightfall, when we provide feed for them in the farmyard to make sure they have enough to eat until the following day.

  • Every season of the year is different, and each one has its tasks that must be done.

  • All these activities are designed for small groups.

  • Our visitors are mainly families with children of all ages. Grandparents and older generations can also join in.

  • We also arrange visits for stag or hen parties or for those who seek to swap city life for the country.

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